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Must Read: Posting in SMS format/text message/all caps/jejemon style posts must be avoided!

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:44 am
We are appealing to everyone to be stricly disciplined when posting or creating threads.
Rule #4 under Thread, Profile Post, Conversation, & Shoutbox Rules:
Posting in SMS format / text message / jejemon style posts must be avoided.

Please observe strict compliance with this rule to avoid being warned or worst... being banned.


Wala ditong 160 character or so limit kaya wag nyo panghinayangan ang pag-type, rather, manghinayang kayo sa account nyo.

Please use proper spelling gaya ng itinuro sa atin ng mga teachers natin nung elementary pa lang tayo.

We don't want to see words like "i2", "d2", "c", "cge", "pa2long", "poh" (bakit kelangan pa na may h), "ndi", "pwd" (ano ibig sabihin nyan.... password?), "pd" or "pede" (ina-adverstise nyo ba dito ang p-i-n-o-y-d-e-n?), "q", "aq" etc.... etc...

So please lang, no sentences like: "Enge poh aq ng working 3cks, feedback l8r."

Dito sa lugar namin, ang ibig sabihin ng enge ay bingi Very Happy.

To all moderators: Please implement this rule up to 3 strikes only.

New ruling about sms posting para sa mga newbies ang moderators alike:
Tanggalin na natin ang nasa itaas na 3 strikes... we will be lenient enough and think of ways para pagaanin ang rule na yan to make it easier for everyone of us to comply without being harsh in the part of our ruling.
Eto po ang new warning guidelines para sa mga nagpo-post in sms style:

  • 1st time, Newbie nag post ng sms text / spam post / all capslock na di ganun ka abusive, ay pagsabihan muna personaly. (Via Profile post, Converation, or Quote/Reply nyu post nila.)

  • 2nd time, Newbie nag post ng sms text / spam post / all capslock 1 to 3 post - warning, let says 1 to 3 points

  • Kung umulit pa - 5 points with kasamang conversation na last warning na nya

  • At sana maging maayos na sya, kasi kung gawin pa nya ulit - banned na, but 1 to 2 months lang

  • Kung nakipag talo pa sa staff, then permanent banned

Thanks to  HotshotGamers for coming up with this great idea.
We at LegacyCheats are always on the hunt for finding better solutions for the needs of everyone and every member of this site. If you feel you are really a part of this community, please do your share in maintaining the cleanliness and order of this site... for this is not only our site but yours as well.


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